Kami Menjual Alat Survey Merk Terkemuka

Kami Menjual Alat Survey Merk Terkemuka

Jual Compass Suunto Altimeter E203 di BATAM

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Detail Jual Suunto Altimeter E-203, Kompas Suunto Altimeter E-203

Suunto Altimeter E-203
Kategori: Alat Geologi


The one-logbook memory stores total vertical ascent/ descent for the log, as well as the maximum and minimum altitudes reached during the activity. The unit also stores the accumulated vertical ascent/ descent over a longer period of time. The altitude range extends up to 29, 500 ft ( 9 000 m) . The resolution is adjustable by the user to either 3ft ( 1 m) or 10 ft ( 5 m) .

The Escape 203 barometer keeps you ahead of the storm and shows the current absolute and sea level pressures, temperature as well as the barometric trend for the last 6 hours. The Escape 203 features also a pressure alarm. In activated state the alarm will alert the user to pressure changes of 4 mbar/ 0.10 inHg over a period of 3 hours.

A special feature of the Escape 203 is a " locking mechanism" that keeps the altitude from changing when the unit is used for weather monitoring purposes only. Similarly, when the device is used as altimeter, the sea level pressure stays constant and the barometric changes only affect the altitude and absolute pressure reading. The resolution of the barometer is 1 mbar/ 0.05 inHg.

The barometer memory automatically stores the barometric pressure and temperature history for the last 24 hours, as well as the maximum and minimum values during this time. It also stores the maximum and minimum pressure and temperature values over time, which makes it valuable for estimating the barometric trend.

In addition, the Escape 203 has a time mode with normal watch functions such as current time with 12/ 24 hour format, weekday and date.



* 12/ 24 hour clock
* Calendar pre-programmed to the year 2089
* No Alarm
* Dual time display


* Altitude range: -1, 600 to + 29, 500 ft ( -500 to + 9, 000 m) - Altitude resolution: adjustable by user to 3 ft/ 10ft ( 1 m/ 5 m)
* Ascent/ descent rate in ft/ min or m/ min
* Difference measurement function allows zeroing of the altimeter for following vertical progress between stages
* Difference measurement function allows zeroing of the altimeter for following vertical progress between stages
* Automatic 24-hour memory stores altitude and ascent/ descent rate for every hour
* Logbook stores total ascent/ descent, average ascent/ descent rate, number of runs skied, duration of log


* Absolute pressure range 8.90 - 32.40 inHg / 300 - 1100 mbar
* Sea level pressure range 27.25 - 31.90 inHg / 921-1080 mbar
* Resolution 0.05 inHg / 1 mbar
* Difference measurement function allows zeroing of the barometer for following e.g. overnight changes in barometric pressure and temperature
* Automatic 4-day memory stores pressure information in one hour intervals for the last six hours, then in six hour intervals
* Adjustable sea level pressure function
* Barometric trend indicator
* Temperature: range -20 - + 60 C / -5 - + 140 F

Other Features

* User-replaceable battery

What' s In The Box

Suunto Altimeter E203
Wirst Strap
Cariying case
Manual book
Batere siap pakai

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