Kami Menjual Alat Survey Merk Terkemuka

Kami Menjual Alat Survey Merk Terkemuka

Theodolite digital topcon DT-205L

Jual Theodolite digital topcon DT-205L
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The Topcon DT-205L Digital Theodolite with Laser Pointer integrates the same high-quality advanced absolute circle reading technology found in Topcon's high-performance total station products for more accurate field calculations; and they continue to deliver the highest quality optics and electronics you expect to find in Topcon theodolites. All this, plus the addition of a laser diode that's perfect for easy, one-person alignment jobs.


• 140 hours of operation in Angle Measurement Mode on 4AA batteries - better than any other model!
• Unmatched speed and accuracy
• Vertical angle correction provides ±5" accuracy
• Large, high-contrast, back lit LCD display
• Compact, lightweight, sets up in seconds
• Simple operation - single side display
• Removable handle
• 360° rotating telescope
• Dual quick-sights: top and bottom of telescope
• Water and dust proof
• Built-in tribrach with bubble vial

The affordable Topcon DT-205L Digital Theodolite with Laser Pointer delivers 5" angle accuracy. The Topcon DT-205L Digital Theodolite with Laser Pointer weathers any wet or dust conditions in the field, allowing for a more productive day during inclement weather. The Topcon DT-205L with Laser Pointer is also compact and lightweight for easy portability; and its simple operation provides precise measurement in a functional, hassle-free package.

Spesifikasi - Digital Theodolite Topcon DT-205L
Length    152 mm
Objective lens    45 mm
Magnification    30x power
Field of view    1°30’
Resolving power    2.5" power
Minimum focus    1m
Stadia ratio    100
Stadia constant    0
Sighting collimator    Double
ELECTRONIC ANGLE MEASUREMENT                         
Method    Absolute Reading
Detecting    2 horizontal sides, 1 vertical sides
Minimum reading    1"/5" arc seconds, 1mgon/2mgon
Accuracy    5 arc seconds
Diameter Circle    71mm
Unit    2 sides
Magnification    3x power
Field of view    3°
Focusing    0.5m~∞
Plate level    40"/2mm
Circular level    10"/2mm
POWER SUPPLY    4AA batteries
Theodolite only    140 Hours
Laser only    80 Hours
Theodolite and Laser    45 Hours
OPERATING TEMPERATURE    -20 to +50 degrees C
WEIGHT    9.26 pounds (4.2kg)
Method    Focusing
Wave Length / Power    633nm / 0.6mW
Laser Class    Class II
Tilt Sensor    Vertical
Compensator Range    ±3

Kelengkapan Standar:
1x Alumunium Tripod
1x Rambu Ukur

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