Kami Menjual Alat Survey Merk Terkemuka

Kami Menjual Alat Survey Merk Terkemuka

penjualan total station sokkia di batam

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spesifikasi total station sokkia cx-105

Total station laser TypeSokkia brand
Model CX-105Precision 5 "/ 1"
Display resolution 1 "Magnification 30x
500m reflectorless rangeScope prism 5,000m
Memory more than 10,000 pointsCalibration certificate

Comments: 2 displays, alphanumeric, bluetooth, it includes course
Electronic total station SOKKIA brand new model CX-105 with keyboard and liquid crystal displays illuminable on both sides, with standard communications interface for RS232, 2-axis compensator liquid, electronic reading angles with screen resolution 1 "(one second ), with index of selectable horizontal angle, angular scales in mils, grads, degrees or percent of slope selectable, internal memory that can record more than 100,000 points of measurement, SD memory card and bluetooth, electronic distance measuring 5,000 1 prism meters and up to 400 meters without prism under favorable weather conditions with a resolution of 0.001 m. and an accuracy of ± (3 mm + 2 ppm x D) mm, internal correction of refraction and curvature of the selectable earth and atmospheric correction prism constant, fully rotatable with reticle illumination telescope has internal programs (coordinate calculation by radiation, staking, remote elevation, resection, etc.) Immediate Subject to prior sale.

The equipment comprises:
  • 1 Total Station Sokkia CX-105
  • 1 high impact resistant case.
  • 1 Operating operation.
  • 1 Rechargeable Battery
  • January Lens Cap.
  • 1 harness kit.
  • 1 Aluminum Tripod 5/8 extension.
  • 1 Copies of transfer program
  • 1 stick plumb 1 prism
  • One management course at our offices
  • 1 calibration certificate
  • 1 year warranty 
Applications include:
  • Distance between 2 points
  • Remote Height
  • 3D coordinates
  • Inserting horizontal angle
  • Eccentric distance measurements
  • Eccentric angle measurements
  • Reverse Resection
  • Position measuring
  • Two distances with eccentricity
  • Area calculation
  • Scale factor

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