Kami Menjual Alat Survey Merk Terkemuka

Kami Menjual Alat Survey Merk Terkemuka

Jual Total Station Topcon GTS 102N di Tanjungpinang

Jual Total Station Topcon GTS 102N di Tanjungpinang

Total Station Topcon GTS 102N

Telepon/Mobile : 0853 7418 2645 (TERBARU)


Affordable Total Station Solutions
With the release of a new range of affordable total stations Topcon Europe Positioning is aiming specifically at the entry level construction users. Those small firms getting started in the industry and that need precision measurements at an affordable price. The Green Label GTS-102N and GTS-105N of course still offer the well known Topcon quality and accuracy, making them a cost efficient investment.
The Topcon GTS-100N series is available in a 2" and a 5" model. Both support 30x magnification and can store up to 24.000 points in internal memory in addition to Topcon’s onboard software.

Easy To Use
With its expanded full numeric keypad it is easy to input points and layout information including calculations. Contractors and grade setters can re-set stakes, check grade, topo and perform basic lay out. Backlit LCD and user definable display parameters are also standard.
Cost Efficient Solution The GTS-100N is packaged with everything you need, and its ease of operation will keep it simple: set-up the instrument, record your points on the unit or any one of Topcon’s Field Controllers, and pack up. Getting the job done has never been this cost efficient.

• Accuracy: 0.6 mgon / 2"
• Min. Reading: 0.2 mgon / 1"
• Length: 150 mm
 Objective Lens Diameter: 45 mm (EDM: 50 mm)
• Magnification: 30x
• Resolving Power: 3"
 Minimum Focusing Distance: 1.3 m

 1 prism / 3 prism: 2.000 m / 2.700 m
• Accuracy: ±(2 mm + 2 ppm x D) m.s.e.
• Measuring Time, Fine Mode: 1 mm : 1.2 sec (Initial 4 sec), 0.2 mm : 2.8 sec (Initial 5 sec)
• Coarse Mode / Tracking Mode: 0.7 sec. (Initial 3 sec) / 0.4 sec. (Initial 3 sec)

• Tilt Sensor: Single axis
• Method: Liquid type
• Compensating Range: ±3'
• Correction Unit: 1"

 Display Unit / Keyboard: 2 side, Dot Matrix LCD (160 x 64 dot) / 24 keys

 Angle & Distance Measurement: 9 hours / 40 hours (Angle measurement only)

 Connectivity: RS232 Serial Connection
• Environmental Protection: IP54
 Internal Data Memory: 24,000 pts
• Ambient Temperature Range: -20 to +50 (-4°F to +122°F)
• Plummet: Optical Only

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