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Kami Menjual Alat Survey Merk Terkemuka


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Nikon AP-8 Automatic Level

Auto Levels AP/AC/AX Series

  • Three models to choose from: AP-8/AC-2S/AX-2S
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Water-resistant construction
  • Magnetic-dampened automatic compensator
  • Horizontal tangent knobs with unlimited range
  • Smooth, precise pointing and angular measurement
  • Detachable eyepiece lens
AP/AC/AX Series auto levels are easy to set up and use All three models can attach to both flat-head and spherical-head tripods. Horizontal tangent knobs with an unlimited range ensure smooth, precise pointing and angular measurement, and you can operate them with either hand. The detachable eyepiece lens lets you use an optional diagonal eyepiece prism for working in extremely close or steep quarters.
Nikon optics effectively let in more light, so you see brighter, sharper images-especially in low-light conditions. The AP-8 model auto level features a 28x high-magnification telescope, the AC-2S has a 24x telescope, and the AX-2S has a 20x telescope. All three models offer minimum focusing down to 2.46 ft (0.75 m) for better performance in tight spots or on steep slopes.

From the Manufacturer

High-performance automatic levels featuring airtight, dry-nitrogen-filled optics. Waterproof and fog proof, these instruments provide high accuracy in humid tunnels, unforgiving terrain, and inclement weather. Key features for AC-2S automatic level are that it is compact and lightweight (1.25 kilograms/2.8 pounds). The built-in compensator automatically levels the line of sight over a wide compensation range of ±16 inches with a setting accuracy of ±0.5 inch. The powerful 24x telescope has a 30mm objective lens for clear, bright images in an erect and unreversed orientation.
The minimum focusing distance of 0.75 meters/2.46 feet lets you work even in confined places. Standard deviation for a 1-km double-run level is just ±2.0 mm. The horizontal tangent knobs have an unlimited range and can be operated with either hand. A friction brake enables quick, easy setting. The detachable eyepiece lens can be replaced with an optional diagonal eyepiece prism. Includes a specially designed base plate for mounting on either flat- or domed-head tripods. The water-resistant body construction allows use in light rain or dusty conditions. The AC-2S model is identical to the AC-2, except for the stadia line.
Specifications for AC-2S automatic level telescope: magnification 24x (35x or 17x with optional eyepiece lenses); Stadia line (AC-2s only); horizontal circle diameter of 110mm (4.3 inches); graduation interval 1 or 1gon; reading accuracy (by estimation) +-0.1 or 0.1gon; standard deviation: 1km double-run leveling ±2.0mm; automatic compensator: type wire suspension, magnetically dampened; range ±16 inches; setting accuracy ±0.5 inch.

Spesifikasi - Nikon AP-8 Automatic Level

Technical Details

  • Built-in magnetic dampened automatic compensator levels the line-of-sight within the range of ±16 inches with setting accurate to within ±0.5 inch
  • Horizontal tangent knobs have an unlimited range and can be operated with either hand
  • A friction brake enables quick, easy setting and base plate designed for flat- or domed-head tripod mounting
  • Water-resistant body construction allows use in light rain or dusty conditions
  • Carrying case included

Telescope - Tube length: 7.5? (190 mm); Image: Erect; Effective diameter of objective lens: 1.2? (30 mm); Magnification: 24x; Field of view: 1°30' (2.6' at 100'); Resolution power: 3.5?; Minimum focusing distance: 2.46' (.75 m); Stadia ratio: 1:100. Automatic compensator - Type: Wire-hung, air damper; Setting accuracy: ±0.5?; Range: ±16'. Level vial sensitivity - Circular level: 10'/2 mm. Standard deviation (1-km double-run leveling) - Without micrometer: ±2.0 mm. Horizontal circle - Diameter of circle: 4.3? (110 mm); Minimum increment: 1°/1 g; Reading estimation: 0.1°/0.1 g. Weight - Instrument: 2.8 lbs.; Case: 2.7 lbs.

Paket Penjualan:

Standard Accesories:

  • 1x Unit Nikon AC2S
  • 1x Alumunium Tripod
  • 1x Levelling staff / Rambu Ukur

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