Kami Menjual Alat Survey Merk Terkemuka

Kami Menjual Alat Survey Merk Terkemuka


Jual, Sewa, Servis, dan Kalibrasi TOTAL STATION TOPCON ES 105


Telepon/Mobile : 0853 7418 2645 (TERBARU)

Topcon ES-105 Reflectorless Total Station
Overview for the Topcon ES-105 Reflectorless Total Station ( 7-Second)

The latest technology in field surveying is integrated into the Topcon ES-105 Total Station with 7-second accuracy. Designed from the ground up to deliver the best performance in speed, precision and security, this innovative optical instrument easily records accurate distance and angle measurements.

Featuring class leading EDM, the Topcon ES-105 Total Station takes measurements up to 1, 640 feet in reflectorless mode and approximately 13, 123 feet using a single prism at an incredible 2mm + 2ppm accuracy. Measurements can be as fast as 0.9 seconds and the Topcon EDM algorithm reduces the signal noise associated with non-prism measurements, providing accurate results over longer distance.

Exclusive Bluetooth Connectivity

As a world' s first technology, Topcon’ s LongLink communication enables your total station to connect with a data collector at the prism pole up to 1000 feet away! The controller operator can record the data for codes and rod heights at the point of measurement. In addition, the remote operator can view directions required to find the next stake point during stakeout. The system becomes very productive where the instrument man simply needs to follow, aim, and focus on the remote prism. When connected with an external data collector,

Advanced Maintenance and Security with TSshield

If lost or stolen, the ES total station can be locked by logging into the TSshield website. This theft deterrent functionality is the first in the industry and works anywhere in the world. The TSshield also takes advantage of the telematics card installed in Topcon total stations to communicate to the Topcon servers every day. The system then reviews what firmware version is installed and notifies the user for new updates

All-Day Functionally in the Field

This survey instrument improves workflow and productivity with its dual black and white LCD display and impressive 36-hours battery life! With an IP-66 rating, this field instrument is also dustproof and highly water-resistant.

The ES-107 total station has a 10, 000-point internal memory for storing field data, USB and RS-232c serial port and can be used with any of Topcon' s field controllers, such as the Topcon Tesla, FC-2600, FC-250, FC-236 and FC-25.

This Topcon total station package comes with a lens cap, lens hood, stylus pen, tool kit, USB stick, carry case with straps, wiping cloth, battery, battery charger and a 2-year manufacturer’ s warranty.

Features for the Topcon ES-105 Reflectorless Total Station ( 7-Second)

5-second accuracy
10, 000-point internal memory
Up to 8GB USB flash memory
LongLink wireless technology
1, 640 foot range
Coaxial red laser pointer
Laser plummet
EDM trigger key for quick measurement
USB and RS-232C serial port
Up to 36-hour battery life
Water resistant and dustproof to IP-66
Single black and white LCD display
Alphanumeric keyboard
TSshield advanced security and maintenance system

Spesifikasi - Topcon ES 105
QUICK Specifications
Angle Measurement

Min. Resolution/Accuracy
IACS (Independent Angle Calibration System)
Standard om 1” & 2” models
Dual-axis compensator
Distance Measurement
Prism EDM Range
4000m (ES-107 3000m)
Prism EDM Accuracy
Non-Prism Range
Non-Prism Accuracy
3mm+2ppm (0.3-200m)
Measuring Time
Fine: 0.9 sec
Rapid: 0.7 sec
Tracking: 0.3 sec
LongLink™ rover communications utilizing Class 1 Bluetooth
USB 2.0 Slot
RS-232C Serial
Dual, Graphic, Backlit
LCD (ES-107 Single)
Battery Operation
up to 36 hours
Dust/Water Protection
Wireless Connection
Bluetooth Class 1
Operating Range
-20C to +50C
-30C to +50C *
-20C to +60C **

Paket Penjualan:
Available Accessories:

    •    1 Unit Topcon Total Station
    •    2 x Aluminum Tripod
    •    1 x Prisma Polygon
    •    1 x Range Pole
    •    1 x Single Prism
    •    1 x Cable Data
    •    1 x Software Data

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