Kami Menjual Alat Survey Merk Terkemuka

Kami Menjual Alat Survey Merk Terkemuka

Jual Leica Disto D510 di Pekanbaru Riau

Nama : Asep eko ginanjar
No hp : 0823 1968 5554
Pin     : 5CBEFE7F
Email : asepindosurta@gmail.com
Website : www.indosurta.co.id

Jangkauan pengukuran 0.05 s/d 200m,Ketelitian 1.0 mm
Long range (LR) more , Power Range Technology 
PointFinder Digital dengan 4 x Zoom ( untuk ukur target outdoor)
2.4 " Display berwarna
Dilengkapi Sensor Kemiringan / TILT dgn jangkauan +/- 360
Dimensi : 143 x 58 x 29 mm
IP 65, Tahan Debu , Anti siraman air
Data interface* : BluetoothSmart
Free App* : Leica Disto sketch.

Technical specifications:
Typical measuring accuracy 1 mm
Range up to 200 m
Measuring units m, ft, in, yd
Power Range Technology
Distance in m
of the laser dot in mm 1 mm
Tilt sensor measuring range 360
Pointfinder with 4x zoom
Memory 30 displays
Free App
Data interface* Bluetooth Smart
Measurements per set of batteries up to 5000**
Multifunctional end-piece automatic recognition
Batteries type AA 2 1,5 V
Tripod thread
Protection class IP 65 water jet protection and dust-tight
Dimensions 143 58 29 mm
Weight with batteries 198 g
Minimum / maximum measurements
Area / volume measurement
Triangle / room angle function
Painter function
Trapezium measurements
Pythagoras functions 2 points and 3 points
Inclination tracking
Smart Horizontal Mode
Sloped object measurement
Height tracking
Height profile measurements
Stake-out function a/b
Subtraction / addition
Supported devices: Wireless connectivity
iPhone 5 Bluetooth 4.0
iPhone 4S Bluetooth 4.0
iPad mini Bluetooth 4.0
iPad 3 Bluetooth 4.0
iPad 4 Bluetooth 4.0
iPod touch (5th Generation) Bluetooth 4.0
Smart phones and tablets with Android 4.3 or higher Bluetooth 4.0

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